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The parking garage, Marrakech solution to parking problems

To end congestion and parking problems, the municipal council of the ocher city wants to build a multi-story car park.

Like many Moroccan cities, traffic in Marrakech faces several constraints including the bottling of cars parked in the streets of the city or those moving from one neighborhood to another, especially in areas near the mythical Jemaa El Fna.
With the aim of overcoming these constraints and their negative impact on the city whose economy is based on tourism (cultural, sports, business and conferences), the Marrakech Communal Council recently approved the construction project, about one hectare, a multi-story car park in the Arsat Maach region adjacent to the Jemaa El Fna Square.
According to the president of the Tensift-Forum region of Marrakech Development Centre (CDRT), Ahmed Chebouni, this initiative is likely to alleviate the pressure experienced by some highways and overcome the problems suffered by citizens, including disputes with parking wardens.
This project will have a positive impact on the ocher city, will improve the image of Marrakech at national and international levels, especially as the city prepares to host the COP 22 of 7 to 18 next November, he noted.  The populations of the red city aspire to see this project help alleviate their suffering particularly at main streets and those leading to the Jemaa El Fna, and thus improve mobility in the city.
The City Council also intends to achieve in the same area another dedicated car park for motorbikes and bicycles in the framework of projects and measures taken by that Board.  These projects will help to deal with parking problems in Marrakech and up a motivation for synergy of efforts in the public and private sectors to find appropriate and efficient solutions capable of preserving the beauty of the ocher city, tourist destination in Morocco.
The city of Marrakech has problems increasingly expanded into traffic in urban areas especially during school vacations, holidays and the summer, noted Chebouni in a statement to MAP.
He added that in view of projects underway habitats in the city, the problems of congestion in traffic will worsen further, noting that motorcycles, inseparable symbol of the red city with more than 170,000 motorcycles and more than 40,000 bikes, help increase traffic flow through the main avenues of the city.
Motorcycles and bicycles are responsible for the majority of accidents in urban space, noted Chehbouni, noting that non-compliance with traffic laws and lack of citizenship contribute to worsen the situation.
Car parking spaces are of great importance to the actors involved in this issue, given their decisive role in the smooth flow of road traffic. These spaces are called today to address several challenges resulting from the rapid growth of cars in the city.
In this context, the great economic growth that the ocher city has contributed to the increased number of vehicles in circulation, hence the emergence of the problem of parking in the main streets of the city, exacerbated by the scarcity of parking close to high traffic areas.



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